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    Alicia Klepeis writer
    Third Graders See A Fresh Papaya Prepared (Then Try Some!) During Alicia's Food Around The Globe Program
    Alicia Klepeis writer
    Alicia Sharing Durian Stories With 6th Graders at Gardner-Dickinson School in Troy, NY
    Alicia Klepeis writer
    Alicia with Sumbawan high school students

    Fees & Honorarium

    My honorarium is based on the time and the number of presentations I give. Generally speaking, a half day would include 1-2 presentations and under 4 hours at a school. A full day would include the entire school day and 3-4 presentations.

    Local Visit Fee:

    $500 for a half-day
    $850 for a full day

    Non-local Visit Fee:

    Please email Alicia to discuss.

    Virtual Visit Fee:

    Please email Alicia to discuss.


    My fees are negotiable, depending on the location and other circumstances. I will do my best to work within your school's budget (see Funding below).

    Please contact me via email

    aliciaklepeis@gmail.com to inquire about fees, availability, or regarding any questions you might have.

    Please take a look:

    Sample schedule for a full day visit

    Alicia Klepeis Blog

    School Visits

    As a former teacher, I really miss being in the classroom. I began teaching in 1994 and have continued to work with children since that time. I've run workshops with kids from toddlers to graduating seniors, in locations from public libraries to rural American schools to a high school in Indonesia. I love to share my experiences and passion for writing and geography with students.


    Read about presentations for the 2020-21 school year, including virtual offerings. Alicia Klepeis writer
    Alicia Hula-Hooping at Endicott Elementary

    I offer a number of presentations and workshops for learners of varied ages. I am happy to run teacher workshops as well. I tailor each of my programs to meet the needs of the audience, taking into account the size of the group, ages of the participants, etc. However, no matter which workshop topic you choose, I plan to do certain things in every session:


    I have several presentations tailored to the age level and size of a group.

    For younger students (PreK-2), my presentation is 30 minutes. If the teachers and students want to prepare a few questions ahead of time, I am happy to answer those but do not do spontaneous Q&A with this age group.

    For older kids (Grades 3 and up), my talk is typically 45-60 minutes which includes time for Q&A.

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    Contact Alicia Klepeis | Email: aliciaklepeis@gmail.com